Breathable Mulberry Silk Love Face Mask in Mulberry Muse

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Our 100% Silk Love Mask has a heart embroidered on the mask to remind us all to spread love and not germs. You can finally rest easy with a breathable and adjustable protection system.

This 100% Mulberry Silk face mask is made of three layers of 19 momme silk for your ultimate protection. The smooth fibers of silk help to prevent dryness and repel bacteria-causing mascne, while the nourishing 18 amino acids help to maintain healthy skin. 

Hailing as the TOP alternative choice to N95 masks for non-medical use according to the CDC, our silk face mask is OEKO-TEX certified and free from chemicals making it safe to use on your face. 

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100% Mulberry Silk
3 layers of 19 momme (5A) silk for ultimate protection
Equipped with 18 amino acids that nourish skin
Helps prevent dryness and repel bacteria-causing mascne
OEKO-TEX certified
Chemical-free dye
Adjustable Straps
Heart Embroidery

Makes the perfect gift that gives back! 15% of sales are donated to mask our healthcare heroes! 

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