Mulberry Silk Scrunchie in Light Champagne

More Sunday

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This super soft scrunchie is made with 19 momme Mulberry Silk. Because silk has a molecular structure that keeps moisture in your hair, this scrunchie is able to reduce frizz, tangles, static and creases, leaving your hair silky and free from ridges and that damaging tug.

Made from surplus pieces of our clothing patterns to ensure we are zero waste so you can feel good about making a sustainable choice. 

Mantra tag says "Do Good" to remind us to persevere to work hard toward our goals and dreams. Pick from a variety of colors to match or contrast your More Sunday outfits. 

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100% Mulberry Silk
Decreases frizz, tangles, static and creases
OEKO-TEX certified
Chemical-free dyes

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