The Story Behind VirtYouUs

VirtYouUs began when I started a modeling career and realized that I could not be successful if I wasn't following my passion for the environment by modeling for companies that did not have Earth's best interest at heart. I began searching these Earth-first labels out and soon realized just how many eco-friendly products and companies there are.

The trouble was, however; that I found myself using up hours and hours of my time to find these brands and styles that I had been looking for. It meant digging through blogs and scouring all corners of the internet to find

all of these different companies. It was then that I realized just how much VirtYouUs was needed; where all different styles, shapes, cuts, and colors can be found at our fingertips with the promise of putting the Earth FIRST.

Now I know how busy we all are, and that even though we want to save the world we also have a lot on our plates. So I decided to make it easier on all of us to heal the planet together and now all of us fashion-forward Earth-lovers have the time to be bosses, super parents, and EVERYTHING ELSE we want to be - while ALSO saving the planet and looking good doing it too!

Our Selection Process

We look at sustainability as a whole at the entire life cycle of each garment and its effects on the planet and human life - present and future. In order for a brand to be considered by VirtYouUs we require that a product qualify under at least four of our sustainability qualifiers. First considered is the process, the energy, the resources, and the materials by which it was made. Next we consider the ethical nature of the clothing; how garment workers were treated and how their health / lives are effected and if the pay they acquired is sustainable to living a happy and healthy human life. Next we look at what sort of effect the life of each piece has on the planet and future human life; For example do washes create more waste in the form of microplastics and chemical dyes leaching into water streams? Then we consider the length of time that the piece lasts, as well as if it is recyclable/biodegradable at the end of its life. And last but not least we consider how it is shipped to you.

All brands hosted on the site must qualify under at least four of our sustainability qualifiers listed below.

Made of recycled materials

Made of biodegradable materials

Have a recycling program for products at the end of their life cycle

Use local production practices

Products are of high quality and will last no fewer than five years

Materials used are made of organic, sustainably harvested, or oeko-tex certified materials

Use green energy to create products

Ship using recycled and or recyclable materials or zero-waste shipping practices

Use zero-waste production practices

Use vegetable-based inks and/or chemical-free dyes (Low impact dyes)

Use fair-trade materials and fair business practices

Our goal is to create change within the entire fashion industry so that all brands look at the entire life cycle of the item of clothing as a factor of importance. 

We believe that change in this world is possible, and that we the people hold the power with our dollars.

So here you go, a gift from me to you - a place where you can shop happily and guilt-free because you know you helped the Earth with your purchase.

Now let’s make the world Greener Together!