Fashion Trends, Style Ideas and Latest Looks Taking Over 2023


Look at that! It’s a new year and that means welcoming in new styles and outfits we cannot wait to re-create, consciously of course.

You might be thinking that it’s too early to talk about the latest trends for 2023, but the fashion industry never sleeps.. a lot can happen in the next 12 months.

Some trends will be around for the long haul and others will fall off quickly. So we wanted to shed some light on 5 promising sustainable fashion looks to count on this year. Let’s dive in!


Trend #1: Eco-style Denim!

True denim lovers, this one’s for you.

Not only has the desire for blue jeans sky-rocketed over the past year, it’s in full effect to be one of the most popular fashion pieces worn in 2023. From maxi skirts, to extra-baggy and extra comfortable - it’s no secret that Y2K nostalgia is here to stay.

Now unfortunately, denim is not sustainable by default… but good news is that there are better ways of making jeans and better brands responsibly incorporating it into their clothing. Check out Lucette and their denim go-tos.



Trend #2: Oversized Everything

Oversized pants and jackets will continue to dominate in the months ahead. It’s clear that the era of oversized fashion isn’t going anywhere. From full sweat suits attire, to blazers and puffer jackets, as long as their big - they’re in. 

VirtYouUs is in tune with what’s trending - we’ve got tons of options for you to introduce into your wardrobe. Some of our featured brands, Love Hero and Cea are making waves in the sustainable and ethical fashion world with their stylish yet comfortable outfits. Check out more of their oversized looks on our social media and trending pages.

Trend #3: Head-to-toe Neutrals 

No matter the season or occasion, you can never go wrong with a neutral! It’s no wonder they’re making headlines for 2023 -  they can easily be mixed and matched to turn a few pieces into dozens of outfits, something we thrive on as sustainable consumers. 

Not only do these effortless pieces make a knockout collection, they allow you to feel confident in the impact you want to leave on the fashion industry. Choosing sustainable clothing has never been easier. 


Trend #4: Matching Suits 

Matching suits continue to be all over social media these days. It’s no secret this trend is making a global impact in the fashion space. Whether you wear them together or mix and match, these suits continue to be staple pieces every closet needs.

Sustainable brands love creating fun, bright and ethical pieces that represent the passion behind their purpose. Here at VirtYouUs - we love introducing you to these collections - helping you shop sustainable, in styles you love.

Trend #5:Clean-Slate Minimalism 

Minimalism is a trend loved by fashion fanatics all over the world. The perfect minimalist wardrobe includes a few basics: neutral button up shirts, oversized trousers, an every-day blazer, and sneakers you can’t live without. 

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you’re limited to specific colors, or the sense of style you’re going for - it’s about reducing your closet space, sticking to conscious consumerism and believing in brands who want to make a difference. For more inspo behind our vision for a Clean-Slate look, check out more of the featured collections on our website.


Final Thoughts 

So now that you know more about what fashion trends should be on your radar for 2023, you should consider what makes sense for you. 

Like we said, everyone is on a different journey with their style, sustainability and conscious consumerism. 

If you’re ready to recreate and are passionate about making a real difference, use one of these looks to boost your style and reduce your carbon footprint!