Wardrobe Staples: Building a Closet of Clothes You Love


It’s no secret that style and self-confidence are intertwined at the hip. Fashion is more than just a trend - it’s our identity. It often reflects who we are - our ideas, our self-expression, and our confidence in finding our own signature sense of style. The most important thing you can do to create a positive self image is simply to appreciate your uniqueness and be true to who you are.

My clothing certainly affects my confidence. I believe that when we dress for the job we want, or dress for the person we dream of becoming, it directly impacts the way we show up for ourselves and the way we show up in the world. There is a direct connection between clothing and self-assurance, between what we wear and how we view our potential. 

Now, you may be thinking…I’ve never had my own sense of style, or felt comfortable in my skin when getting dressed. But if you want to be and feel confident, it’s time for you to dress like it! 

Here are a few tips to help you use style as a tool to boost your self-love and confidence.

Feeling Comfortable in Outfits

This one is huge! If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothing, you’re never going to be able to feel your best. 

By choosing items that fit well and highlight the areas you love most, not only will you start to see a positive shift in the way you show up for yourself, but it’ll likely follow you into your career, your relationships, and your passions.

Being comfortable in your own skin and creating a strong expression of who you are takes time, but it's all about what makes you feel best and incorporating that into your routine.


Creating Positive Body-Image

Have you ever put on a pair of jeans that you loved.. and felt the radiance of confidence flow over you..you know when you look good, you feel good.

We’ve all experienced days when our body image is very positive and noticed the ripple effect it had in all other aspects of our life. The magnitude that clothing plays in our self-confidence is no secret. Learning to wear items that fit you and your body well is the first step in creating ever-lasting love for yourself and your style.

Swap out the sweater for a blazer, go for tailored trousers versus jeans, dress to impress and  for the person you’ve always wanted to be.


Accomplishing Goals with Fashion

I’m sure we’ve all heard the famous quote “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” 

To this day - this quote rings true to the relationship between dressing the part and feeling empowerment through your clothing come to life.

Even if you’re miles away from your goals, working from home, or having an off day - stepping into a confident, individual and unique sense of style personal to you - can motivate and inspire you to accomplish the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

It’s pretty amazing when you realize the power clothing can influence in our lives and when you dress for purpose and for the dreams you’ve always wanted - inner confidence will begin to shine through.

Final Thoughts

Remember, developing self-love and assurance through your style sense takes time. 

You first have to figure out what clothing you love, what trends inspire you and the values that drive your fashion decisions.

Love yourself and enjoy the process!